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“I cannot believe that every trial team doesn’t beg for VerdaCore; looking at all of this, it’s
a dream for any team.”  - CRO Project Manager

“Small companies like ours using VerdaCore gain some of the same competitive
advantages that larger firms have” – CMO of a Biotech company

“When I randomized a patient in VerdaCore, it was so easy to use that I was afraid I did something wrong.” – Site Investigator

“As a Data Manager you appreciate VerdaCore’s ability to exchange data with existing
systems.” - Data Manager from a pharmaceutical company

“It’s the first system I’ve seen that configures and adapts to the study’s needs and not the
other way around.” - Clinical Operations Project Manager


Inventory management and randomization represent sensitive elements of the clinical trial process. Given the critical nature of these elements, we have focused all of our expertise on developing tools to better serve the industry’s needs in this highly regulated area.

Our experience and ongoing collaboration with pharmaceutical companies has allowed us to develop VerdaCore, a transformational application that is replacing dated, non-compliant, time-consuming, and labor-intensive technology for the Clinical Research industry.

VerdaCore is an innovative, easily customizable, web based technology that seamlessly integrates with other clinical information systems. This synergy increases efficiency, decreases start-up times, and delivers substantial cost savings.


Partnering with Summit Analytical, specialists in biostatistics and data management, we have developed randomization algorithms that require fewer manual steps, allowing for cleaner data collection with more accountability and fewer errors.

Trial Supply Management

VerdaCore manages the clinical supply chain from production to destruction and offers real-time graphical representations of critical inventory data, which allows for full accountability during the life of a trial.


About Verdacom

“We are committed to creating solutions for our Life Science Industry Partners so they reach their immediate and long term business and clinical trial goals, while using our expertise and innovative technology to give them a competitive edge.”

Verdacom has taken clinical studies services to a new level by utilizing the latest web-based technology to create VerdaCore, an analytical tool that is user friendly and role-based, which provides easy to use features for randomization and drug supply control.

Daniel Scanlon

The Verdacom team has worked in the contract research industry since the 1990s developing the technology that became the industry’s leading Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). Many of the systems still used today are the ones our team pioneered more than two decades ago.

Putting people and technology together again, our team has developed new clinical trial management tools that provide solutions to long standing industry issues.


We understand that every trial is unique. We cater to each trial by setting up a dedicated project team to both customize and support each trial. VerdaCore has allowed us to reduce costs and inefficiencies while reducing manpower, which means you will collaborate with the same team throughout the life of your trial and never outsourced support techs. Use VerdaCore out of the box or customize the software to meet your trial’s specific requirements.

Trials are unpredictable. Our flexibility, combined with our agile processes, allows changes to be quickly implemented while reducing the overall length of trials.

We build our teams on a project-specific basis, so you have the specialists you need for the outcome required.


Our programmers are our designers and developers, meaning that they have personally built the application to create true solutions to long-standing industry concerns.  Thus our programmers have an in-depth knowledge of the application and are personally tied to the development of the product.


Inventory Management

  • Multi-tier inventory management and centralized subject randomization services with our revolutionary, entirely configurable VerdaCore platform.
  • Verdacom provides fully managed systems to self-serviced systems – and everything in between.
  • VerdaCore Inventory Management capabilities include, but are not limited to,  visibility of labeling to worldwide distribution to returns and destruction.
  • Verdacom’s Inventory Management System takes many factors into account including subject enrollment rate, dosing options, expiry and drug availability to maintain the supply of inventory.
  • Real-time graphical representations of the most critical data needs allows for active supply management.



  • Centralized web-based randomizations for real-time visibility into study status.
  • Data is refined into meaningful statistics and graphics to actively manage enrollment in an ongoing clinical trial.
  • VerdaCore executes simple to complex randomization schemes, always customizable for each individual study.
  • Access real-time, filterable, and sortable enrollment data 24 / 7
  • VerdaCore valuable metrics:
    • Site initiations and activations
    • Detailed Inventory status at all tiers of distribution
    • Enrollment counts by Country, Region, Site
    • Number of screenings, screen failures, completions, discontinuations (by reason), etc.



  • Role based access
  • Compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 and GCPs
  • Full visibility into trial components, such as inventory and visit design
  • Offers a complete audit trail, which tracks every action made by individual users within the system
  • Accurate reporting and dashboards for auditing and traceability requirements
  • Every data point within VerdaCore is fully available and accessible to client System Administrators

Verdacom provides experts you can rely on
as members of your core team



Pharmaceutical Companies

Verdacom’s proven track record of working with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies has given us valuable experience implementing VerdaCore as an enterprise system.  This allows us to adapt and configure our applications to the diverse needs of the largest global pharmaceutical companies.

Keeping trial safety as a top priority,  pharmaceutical companies are looking for increased data security and compliance, which leads them to support more studies in-house that were formerly being outsourced due to study complexity. At Verdacom, we are helping companies develop enterprise systems and in-house applications that work seamlessly with legacy systems already in use.

Custom software development of this scale requires close communication at all stages of development.  Accordingly, we utilize a completely automated customer relationship management system for quotes and change orders, providing work flows, and improving consistency with increased response time for new requests and application delivery.

Biotech Companies

VerdaCore has leveled the playing field for biotech companies by allowing access to the same clinical trial management systems developed for the industry leaders. Using innovative technology has allowed us to reduce costs, inefficiencies, cut manpower, and produce a more agile company.

VerdaCore can be customized according to your needs or used right out of the box. Your Verdacom team will assist you with the application set-up and conduct acceptance testing at critical points throughout the trial.

Simply put: VerdaCore gives biotech companies the strategic advantage they need to succeed in their industries.

Clinical Research Organization

As trials become more complex and sponsors require increased accountability, Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) are partnering with Verdacom to find solutions. We have focused our expertise on Randomization & Trial Supply Management, so trial managers are assured that these critical elements are being handled by a competent and experienced Verdacom team.

Using VerdaCore increases efficiency, productivity, communication, and accountability while decreasing human and administrative costs.

When these time and cost savings are passed on to sponsors, the CRO gains a competitive edge in a crowded market.






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