Verdacom - Clinical Research Services

“I cannot believe that every trial team doesn’t beg for VerdaCore; looking at all of this, it’s
a dream for any team.”  - CRO Project Manager

“Small companies like ours using VerdaCore gain some of the same competitive
advantages that larger firms have” – CMO of a Biotech company

“When I randomized a patient in VerdaCore, it was so easy to use that I was afraid I did something wrong.” – Site Investigator

“As a Data Manager you appreciate VerdaCore’s ability to exchange data with existing
systems.” - Data Manager from a pharmaceutical company

“It’s the first system I’ve seen that configures and adapts to the study’s needs and not the
other way around.” - Clinical Operations Project Manager

About Verdacom
Daniel Scanlon

The Verdacom team has worked in the contract research industry since the 1990s developing the technology that became the industry’s leading Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). Many of the systems still used today are the ones our team pioneered more than two decades ago.

Putting people and technology together again, our team has developed new clinical trial management tools that provide solutions to long standing industry issues.

Verdacom provides experts you can rely on
as members of your core team